Hello, I'm Simon

Product designer at Get a Newsletter and cofounder of Craftmade. Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Side project

Kitty – Budget app

A budget app I created to expand my knowledge of Javascript and React. Add your incomes and expenses and get a summary of your personal finances. Built with Next.js and Tailwind – Deployed and hosted with Vercel.

Day Job

Get a Newsletter

I spend my days at Get a Newsletter – an email marketing tool based in Stockholm, Sweden. As the sole designer at the company my days are quite mixed, but you mostly find me coding new components and improving the UX in our React app.

Night job


Apart from my day job I run a tiny web agency with my friend Seyamak Arkannia. Our main focus is to help small businesses with their online presence – everything from identity and design to development.


Added About page and moved projects to the Start page

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